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Misspelled Type-o Domain Name Investing – But Risky!

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Now do not let me get you confused, this strategy of forwarding misspelled domain names to affiliate accounts to generate revenue can be done with any
of our domain name investment types. But if you work at it enough, you can always find the perfect misspelled domain name to go with any affiliate
program. This means, as long as you follow our steps provided in this system and do your own due diligence it will not be very hard for you to create a
massive stream of passive residual income from affiliate programs like our account above.

Enjoying yourself yet? We have not even touched the tip of the iceberg yet, so brace yourself and just enjoy reading the first time through. I have already
given you enough information to make you very dangerous, and that is what I want to avoid. Please make sure you have read this entire system all the
way through before you attempt any domain name purchases. I say this because I know what it is like to get excited about a new idea and jump right in.
We must fine tune your skills and knowledge as well as educate you of the possible risk. If you follow my system closely I will show you how to avoid
loosing big money on junk domains, and escape any possible lawsuits from selling misleading domain names. I am not trying to scare you, just make you
aware of the dangers of not educating yourself on possible investments. Remember in my sales letter when I told you that I had to spend over $50,000 to
perfect this system? Do you want to do the same thing before you figure out exactly how this market works? You paid good money for this package so I
could teach you how to prosper in this market without wasting your time or money.

Still on the subject of Misspelled domain names, I will show you a few more examples of very profitable picks I have seen and for different reasons.

Starting with the first one ( you might be chuckling a bit, or you may just be very confused right now. It turns out that there is an
extremely high proximity error when typing in fully qualified domain names. What I mean by this, simply that the person visiting a webpage forgot to
type in the dot after the www, or may not have been looking at the screen while typing, maybe their period button does not work very well on their
keyboard, possibly they were looking right at it when they typed it and either have poor eye sight or were distracted by something else. Regardless, this
is now an extremely profitable domain name for the original investor who most likely purchased it for about $9.00. If you look in depth into the site (I
will supply more detail later) you will see that it receives on average 5000 unique visitors a month. If you examine the domain name even further, and do a
little bit of due diligence (checking on the stats or the correctly typed domain name, the type of site it is, target audience, and where the visitors live, etc)
you will now be able to better understand a little bit the potential value of the domain. The domain name happens to receive 80% United
States visitors it has a target audience between 30-50 years old. With that said I can tell you right now from experience, that this site not even fully
optimized will still yield you about $300 a month in passive income.

Moving on to the next domain name ( this investor most likely realized that the ( domain name was going to be a big hit and
purchased this domain name before many people had even heard of “myspace”. The statistics on this site rise dramatically each month, March of 2006 it
received almost 250,000 unique visitors. Let us assume that if it is optimized at least somewhat that it will receive about $50 CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand)
which would mean the site is bringing in about $12,500.00 a month in passive income. No webpage is required, no maintence, no hosting fees, no
customers to deal with, no strings attached. A site like this with its popularity growing each month is worth millions. I do not know the exact amount
that the owner receives each month from this domain name but based on the figures I just presented you and the knowledge I have received from years of
investing in domain names the owner is most likely making about $150,000 a year in passive income. This is from a nine dollar original investment!!! If
the owner wished to sell the domain name, it would most likely go for twelve times its yearly earnings. This would mean a serious offer for this domain
name would be around $1.8 million dollars. Once again, this would be a nine dollar investment play!

Now, was a domain name that I once controlled, it is owned by a former partner of mine. This domain name is valuable for so many
different reasons, but first off is owned by a multi-billion dollar company. This is a domain name that is typed by a ridiculous amount of
people on a daily basis. Parked this domain name was making us about $100/day, if we would have fully optimized it, we could have pushed it over
$500/day. The real value here would be if we sold it, to say FedEx, DHL, or another one of the UPS competitors or even to UPS itself. My former
partner still owns this domain name to this day and will most likely never use it to its full potential, or use it at all.

Let us review the key points:

Target domain names of websites that are just now becoming popular.
Only buy domain names that are very close to that of the original.

Make sure the original domain name is a high traffic name.
Have an exit strategy for each domain name (long term portfolio, sales domain, investment domain name for later).
Set, and stay on a budget for your portfolio!!!!

Domain Names

Domain Names Internet Real Estate Investing

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For our purposes domain names are “real estate” and because they can not be physically touched they will be referred to as “internet real estate”. They hold the same values, and asset value as physical real estate. You can rent out your internet real estate and receive a monthly check, fix up internet real estate and add value to it, take out a loan from your internet real estate equity, and buy and sell as much of it as you wish. If you start thinking of domain names as real estate, you will have a better understanding of how we will be profiting from them, and the different types of
investment strategies. We will discuss six different types of investment domain names that you can purchase and manipulate in this system. We will discuss in detail three of the most important types here, and the other three we will only go over the concepts of how they work, and how you can get started in those fields. I will be teaching you a rock solid investment strategy, once you understand how this model works, and you have experienced its endless supply of income and different ways to manipulate it, you will be ready to take on some advanced strategies.


Expired Domain Names

The first type of domain name we will be focusing on and my absolute favorite type of domain name is “expired domain names”.
Remember how we said internet real estate is a lot like physical real estate? Well, with that said, consider expired domain names like a foreclosed house
owned by the bank. Instead of the domain name being owned by the bank, it now becomes property of the domain name registrar (this is the company
that they used when the owner originally purchased the domain name). Domain names can be purchased for one year to thirty years, and at the end of
each term a renewal fee must be paid in order to keep the domain name (typically about $9.00 or so) if this fee is not paid on time the domain name will
expire. When a domain name expires it will than either be claimed by the registrar or the registrar will delete it from their inventory, and the domain name
will return to the public market where anyone can register it again.
So now that we know expired domain names were previously owned by a company or an individual. Over 100,000 domain names expire daily. Many of
these domain names are completely worthless, once a dream of the owner that never materialized into anything. However, many of these domain names
are extremely valuable. Webmasters have to sink thousands of dollars, and countless hours into driving traffic to their site. This includes building text
links, paid advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and many other forms of media. These are the types of expired domain names we will be
searching for and buying.

What will expired domain names provide us with? And why are they so valuable to our system?

One expired domain name that we pay $10 for can return us passive income of over $500 a month for the rest of our lives. An example of a domain name
I still hold is which I purchased at auction for a total of $19.20. This domain name went under the radar of the average investor and ended up
in my hands. This domain name which I have held for about a year now earns me $450 a month and shows no signs of slowing up. One domain name has
earned me $5400 in a year, remember I only paid $19.20 for it. I will explain to you later why I knew the value of the domain name before I purchased it
and how exactly the domain name makes me this amount of money passively. That is right; I do not have to even lift a finger to earn this money.

Now, let’s imagine that we find ten domain names of this caliber, and we are even paying up to $100 each for those names. That means we have about
$1000 invested in the domain names, but the domain names are earning us $5000 a month! So, even after the first month you are already earning 500% on
your investment. Domain names of this caliber can also be resold at true market value which could be over $10000 each. You just earned yourself a lot of
passive income, or a quick cash deal if you choose to sell these names. We will divulge more of what you can do with these types of domain names later
on. Now let us talk about another type of investment domain name.

Misspelled or Typo Domain Names

The 2nd major type of domain name investments are “misspelled” or “typo” domain names.
These domain names are very easy to obtain and we will be buying these names directly from the registrar. I know we have already mentioned the word
“registrar” several times in this paper, and you may be wondering which one to use, or even what it is. Here is a list of the best and least expensive ones
available that we use:
· GoDaddy
· Domain Site
· Enom

There are many other ones, you can find the rest in the domain links section, but these are the best based on services they provide, pricing, and reliability.
Now back to our second type of investment domain name. I own literally thousands of these types of domain names, and they can be the most profitable
on a long term basis depending on your picks and risk tolerance. A misspelled or typo domain name can come in many forms, but your main goal here is
to locate domain names that are closely spelled to other high traffic domain names. An example of one of my profitable misspelled domain names is Now you might look at that name and say, “what’s wrong that?” If that is the case, you are probably one of our many
customers that hit this domain name daily. In reality, the site should be spelled I have taken a different approach here, instead of
parking this domain name and earning the CPC (cost-per-click) revenue that it generates I decided to extract the most value possible out of it. I have
several dedicated hosting servers setup for this type of application. I used my custom template that you can download free of charge, I have included this
in the main table of contents for you (domain_template.rar) to create a stream of passive income. I OFFER NO WARRANTY OR SUPPORT FOR THE
ADVERTISEMENTS. I did not use just one revenue source, since I control the site and content I can add into it as many revenue streams as needed for
optimal performance. Keep in mind if you are using my template, or your own, you will have to limit the amount of advertisements and popups that you
place within the site if you wish to receive high click through rates and return visitors. Do not annoy your visitors or they will leave just as fast as they

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