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Selling, Renting, Getting a loan with your Domain Names

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Selling, Renting, Getting a loan with your Domain Names

Selling Your Domain Names

So your ready to start selling domain names in your portfolio, I am going to show you exactly how to sell your domains with the highest turn over rate,
sale price, and in the shortest amount of time. This strategy will work regardless if you are trying to sell one or one thousand domain names. The key here
is to receive as much exposure as possible to our domain names that we wish to sell. The domain name rush is on, in the last year my domain sales
increased by 45% and my average sale price increased by 33% from the previous year. I have been able to maintain an average sale price of $455 and an
average of a two week turn around time per domain name.

I have created a process from the point of acquisition to the sale of the domain name and it can be completed in a few simple steps. I have also created a
simple listing system for you to sell your names that is far less costly and will be the preferred method when you are not in a rush to sell your domain
names or have a massive portfolio. If you end up with a massive portfolio, you might want to weed out the most valuable domain names and go with the
first process on those.
Process One (Get the maximum value for your name)
Accounts Required:
* indicates that the account is optional, for best performance it is recommended using all your available resources
TDNAM (The Domain Name After Market)
eBay Account – preferably with a store
AfterNIC account with listing ability ($19.95/year) well worth it
DomainSystems account
ImpressiveDomains account
*GreatDomains Account
*DigiPawn account
*DomainMart account
*NamePros account
*DNForum account
*LinkAdage account
*TS25 manual surf account
*Autohits auto surf account
Step 1. Ask yourself a few simple questions about the domain name, does it have a Google pagerank? does it have an Alexa rank? is it easy to remember
and easily brandable? Is there a large target market for this type of domain name? If you answered yes to all of those questions you will most likely want
to get an appraisal done first before listing your domain name. This can be done at SEDO, TDNAM, AfterNIC, DomainSystems, and a free one can be
recieved from but this one will not be very accurate and tends to be overpriced. If you do receive an appraisal than be sure to include
that in the following steps when listing your domain name for sale.

Step 2. Add your domain name to your DigiPawn account and see if they will buy the name directly from you, this will save a lot of time if you can sell
it quickly. Otherwise see if you can have it sold under consignment on their site. If they will not buy it directly from you, continue on to the next steps
even if you consign it.

Step 3. Add domain name to your SEDO portfolio and do not set a price, leave that option blank, unless you received an appraisal and the value is
acceptable to you. Next fill out the corresponding categories for the domain name and point your name servers from your domain name registrar to that of
SEDO’s nameservers. SEDO will automatically optizmise settings and advertisements for your domain name (parking) and you will be able to see the
amount of traffic the domain is recieving daily and monthly. This will also help our potential buyers see what they can expect. If your domain name is
not receiving good traffic you might want to park the domain name with Domain Sponsor and you will receive visitors from other sales venues looking at
your domain and get paid.

Step 4. Create a Seven/Ten day eBay auction listing for your domain name, if your domain name has a pagerank, alexa ranking, search engine indexed
pages, or sites linking in make sure you include this in your eBay listing. This information can be located at LinkWorth under their tools section. It is also
a good idea to get a free Swift Appraisal and include this information in your listing. If you are successful on eBay than you need not go any further, and
congratulations. If your sale is not a success and you received a good amount of bids, or received lots of questions about your auction you may want to
go ahead and re-list your auction. If you are not successful again, or you would rather not re-list it, than put the domain name auction in your eBay store.
Continue onto the next steps.

Step 4. Add your domain name to your AfterNIC portfolio, ImpressiveDomains, DomainSystems, TDNAM, GreatDomains, and DomainMart
accounts. Be consistent with your descriptions.

Step 5. Create your free iNetDirectAuctions account, and list your domain name(s) for auction, and create a free online store to list your names in. This
will get your domain name indexed on all the search engines and raise your chances of a sale.

Step 5. Increase traffic to your domain name, if you parked with SEDO use your WebberCash account and direct the credits you have to your domain
name. Do the same thing with your TS25 and AutoHits account. This will be free traffic to your domain name and potential buyers, as well as increasing
the number of unique visitors your domain name receives on your SEDO listing.

Step 6. Create a free Text Ad listing on your SmartAdz account, with $25 credit you should be able to receive 10,000 impressions, and a good amount
of clicks. This will be targeted traffic from visitors looking to purchase your domain name.

Step 7. Use your free LinkAdage, DNForum, and NamesPro accounts to post a free listing on their forums about your domain name(s) for sale.
That’s it! You will be 98% successful as long as you price your domain names reasonably and answer questions related to your domain names.
Process Two (Slash and Burn technique)
Accounts Required:
eBay Account – preferably with a store
DomainSponsor Account
Step 1. Goto and get a free report for your domain name, go to and use their tools to analyze your domain name (if
it does not receive good results do not include them).
Step 2. Add your domain name to your SEDO portfolio, but do not park it here, just add it.
Step 3. Park your domain name at DomainSponsor, you will receive maximum click through revenue here from eBay traffic in next step. You will also
be able to do a sale outside of SEDO or eBay if you recieve domain name offers on your DomainSponsor parked pages. If you receive an acceptable offer,
you might want to use an escrow service which is provided by SEDO and AfterNIC at low cost.
Step 4. List your domain name on eBay for seven/ten days, list your domain name at a lower price than you would else where. Price the domain name
to sell quick, after all we are not going to receive maximum value on eBay but our turn around time will be greatly shortened as well. This will allow us to
free up capital to purchase more domain names. Make sure to include your free appraisal and domain name statistics if they are good.
That’s it! You will have around a 65% success ratio this way, and a sale price 55% lower but it will be a quick sale.


Domain Names

Expired and Traffic Domain Name Forwarding for Affiliate Revenue

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Domain Name Forwarding

This can be the most profitable option for many of your domain names. Make sure you check out our domain links section included with this package for
a quick list of the best affiliate and publishing companies to use. So what exactly is domain name forwarding?
The image displayed to your right is a snapshot from Godaddy services. I have taken my domain name
“” and pointed it to the domain name “”. You may also notice that I
checked the box “mask domain” which means that when former customers of attempt to
go to that website they will not realize that they have been redirected or forwarded to another site. Instead
most customers will just think that there has been an update or changes made to the former site. If this is the
customers first visit to the site they will never even know the difference. This strategy works great when
customers from the forwarded domain name find it through search engines or text link ads. These customers
are looking for exactly what we are going to give them.

When buying domain names you must always consider your implantation plan before making the purchase.
Remember there are always going to be thousands of domain names that expire daily with loads of traffic. If
we were to buy everyone of them, we would end up wasting most of the traffic by parking it. When you are
purchasing expired domain names make sure you check the former content of the website and the language
that was present on the site. Personally I use The Way Back Machine which can be found on the Alexa
website when you do a traffic search on a particular domain name. It will be located in the bottom left of the
results screen and it will look like the image below to the left.

This site provides a very valuable resource for us, it is a massive archive of cached
websites from the past. They provide us a way to see how established a domain
name was and how long it was established for. In some cases we will even be able
to see how many customers or members the site had and in rare cases the amount
of money the site has generated.

This is what we really want to know when we are forwarding domain names, were
the visitors of the prior website paying customers or were they just looking for
information. Was the website a service provider or a product provider? This will
determine the true value of the domain name for us and also help in establishing the
selling and buying price. If the site was a content related site only, than these
visitors will be more likely to click on links on parked pages. The next key factor is
the language that the site was created in, if you have non-English based websites than you will have a very hard time
converting those visitors into affiliate cash, park them. I will give you some good categories to look for when trying to profit from domain forwarding.
Affiliate Based Categories for highest revenue:
– Poker/Casino
– Finance/Money
– Web hosting
– Pharmacy
– Affiliate/Paid to Click/Incentive driven traffic
– E-Commerce
– Business
– Advertising & Marketing
Categories to avoid if you want to forward traffic to an affiliate:
– Forums
– Non-English Sites
– Blogs
– Directories
– Teen & Children sites
– Sports related
Affiliate Companies
Now there are endless supply of companies and websites that you can sign up for and become an affiliate for. There are also companies that will allow
affiliate high jacking and shady payment methods. We want to make sure that our hard earned money, time, and research is not wasted. By using an
affiliate company, instead of just a company that has an affiliate program we will ensure that we will deliver the highest quality content and name brand
recognition to our visitors. This will also give us access to better known name brand products and larger companies with unlimited advertising budgets.
We will be able to use these affiliate companies to find content relative to what our domain name visitors are looking for. An example, you have an expired
domain name and it recieves hundreds of visitors daily from search engines and text links on other sites. This domain name was a hosting
company, and the visitors to this domain are searching for cheap reliable hosting. Ok, great, we just established our target market and the exact content
they are searching for. Next we log into our affiliate company and do a search for “hosting” and see the massive result list, we will be able to now pick and
choose which companies we wish to promote and point our domain name at, or we can choose to create a basic webpage listing and host the site ourself
with various advertisements on it. Another good idea would be to create a simple directory website which will list all the different hosting companies
visitors can pick and choose from, with each banner or link having our referral code.
Here are some of the best affiliate companies on the net today to get you started:
Commission Junction (I make $6000/mo)
Clickbank (I make $8500/mo)
Clixgalore (I make $1800/mo)
Regnow (I make $900/mo)
DarkBlue (I make $2600/mo)
Share A Sale (I make $550/mo)
QuickPayPro (I make $290/mo)
Here are the best paying Poker/Casino Affiliate companies: (choose revenue share plan for passive residual income for life! I make over $5000/mo just off

Domain Names

Maximize the Revenue from your Domain Names

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Maximize the Revenue from your Domain Names

I have been talking about investment strategies, and the different types of domain names you can invest in but I haven’t talked about where the
money really comes from yet. Lets go over the basic ways we can turn traffic into capital, we will get a little more advanced in the next chapter.
The basic ways of bringing in money from my domain names are by Parking the domain, Affiliate redirecting, Selling your traffic, Hosting the domain
with Ads, Text links, and of course selling the domain name itself. Lets break those options down into more detail and show you examples of which
strategies work best for each type of domain name.

Domain Name Parking – this is essentially like it sounds, consider this just like a parking garage, it operates in the same fashion. A parking garage has
very low overhead, typically the owner owns the property outright and only has to pay taxes and employees to take in the cash. Instead of an employee
gathering cash that we have to pay we will be paying a company that will do traffic monetization for us and they will take a small percentage of our
earnings from each click generated. This allows us to have a win-win situation where if our visitors do not click on the advertisements generated by the
company, than we do not pay the company anything.

Why does the traffic monetization company deserve a cut of my profits? Although many are overpaid, and have to do minimal work, they also provide a
service that the average domain name owner cannot accomplish on his/her own especially without consuming massive amounts of time. The company will
generate ads that are related to the content of the domain name, or the previous content of the domain name from a prior owner. You will also have the
option to add in your own keywords that you wish to come up when visitors reach your domain names. This gives you the advantage of choosing the
highest paying CPC (Cost-Per-Click) keywords that advertisers are paying for. Keep in mind you cannot pick the highest paying keywords on the
internet, they have to be relevant to the domain name visitors. Some keywords can pay up to $99 per click, you can quickly do some math and realize
that if you could pick these keywords and receive 1000’s of clicks a day like you soon will generate from your domain names, you would be retiring
quickly. This is obviously not the case, and advertisers would not stick around long if they had to pay top dollar for untargeted traffic. However, a good
traffic monetization company will be able to generate high click through rates and modify the advertisements that are displayed on your domain names
relevant to what your visitors are looking for. A standard CTR (Click-Through-Rate) will be around 12%, if your domain names are not generating a CTR
in this area I suggest changing up your keywords, switching companies, or even selling the domain names because this traffic will not bring in high
revenues for us.

During my independent research study of the various domain name parking companies available to me I discovered some very interesting data. I found
that DomainSponsor increased my overall monthly revenue by 150% over what I was making with SEDO. The difference was that with SEDO during the
30 day test period I sold 9 domain names for a total of $7500 minus SEDO’s commission. With DomainSponsor I sold only three domain names, but I
sold them for $5100 and there was no commission involved. So you need to decide if you want to be involved in the domain name sale, transfer, and
collecting the payment.

Here is my review of the four largest domain parking sites:

DomainSponsor – This is my favorite by far for overall long term performance, and quality parking revenue. This service offers a feature that is unique to
the others, pop under ads and exit pop unders. The popup traffic adds on massive amounts of earnings to your bottom line. This feature can also be
disabled if you choose to, the only reason you might wish to do this would be if it lowered your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) but I have not found this to
be the case. These are pop under ads, meaning the visitor usually will not even notice them right away. DomainSponsor is a product of and
they provide ads from Google Advertisers, advertisers, and more. They always deliver the highest paying ads for you, which I
love. I have received up to $25 a click on some occasions.

Sedo – This is a great solid company overall. They are the best known domain name parking and sales company on the internet. Your parking revenues
will not be as high as with the other parking companies, but you will sell the most domain names at the highest price here. If you have American domain
names that receive steady traffic and you wish to sell them in the near future you will want to park them with SEDO. One major advantage with SEDO is
that it will display the total number of visitors that hit your domain name daily and monthly. This will help increase the bid price from potential buyers
if your domain names have high traffic. If you have domain names with international traffic, I would strongly advise against parking them here if you are
in search of parking revenue because you will only receive around five cents a click. Go with DomainSponsor for the highest revenue on any traffic,
especially international.

AfterNIC – This service has some very nice features, while your domain names are parked with them you will be able to earn commission on any domain
names that your visitors buy. You are enrolled into an affiliate program basically with each and every domain name. This will allow you to earn 25% on
any domain name service (not the domain name sale itself) that is purchased through one of your parked domain names. This can yield extremely high
results if you have the right type of visitors flowing into your domain names. Their CPC is rather low compared to it’s competition. They have an
extremely nice layout template which does yield a high CTR and bring return traffic. But since we are talking about parking domain names in this section
for revenue, they do not rank up with SEDO or DomainSponsor.

DomainHop – This being my least favorite parking company except under a few circumstances. DomainHop will pay $4 CPM (Cost-per-thousand)
visitors if your domain names qualify, which means they must have a strong amount of USA visitors to the domain name. The other option is a 55%
revenue share with them which is still not going to produce the results we are looking for. Now I did say under a few circumstances, if you have a domain
name that is not performing with the other providers and it receives high traffic, than the $4 CPM could be more profitable. This has been the case with
only a few of our names, but never the less $4 CPM isn’t that bad if your receiving thousands of visitors a day and they are not clicking links. The other
advantage that domainhop does provide is that it features the best looking template, and will receive return visitors unlike many other providers. Another
feature this service lacks is a quality way to sell your domain names while they are parked and earning revenue, a small link can be inserted into the
domain name for potential buyers to contact you, but that’s about it.

The following chart is based on an independent study conducted by our team using the same 500 domain names, and over a 30 day period.
Parking Company Avg CTR Avg CPC Avg RPM Our Rating
DomainSponsor 15.9% $0.49 $86.94 *****
Sedo 12.8% $0.18 $21.94 ****
DomainHop 16.2% $0.11 $17.71 **
AfterNic 16.4% $0.13 $22.35 ****
There are of course many other domain parking programs available, and some are more profitable than the ones listed above but are not listed and
described in detail because they have strict requirements for domain names they will accept into their program. If you want an example of the type of
company I am talking about, once you get established with a nice portfolio check out They have been known to increase domain name
RPM over $500.


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