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Domain Name Internet Real Estate Market Investing Flipping Expired Domains Parking for Profit

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Discover how to invest in the Domain Name Real Estate Market

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Domain Names

The Essentials of a Domain Name Rental Lease Agreement

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The Essentials of a Domain Name Rental Agreement
Once you’ve satisfied yourself that you’re not renting tainted goods, it’s time to concentrate on the rental contract itself. Here are
some of the basic provisions that your attorney must be certain to examine and negotiate, as necessary, among the many contained
in a standard domain name rental agreement.

Term of the Lease

One of the first issues to address in a domain name rental agreement concerns the term or length of the lease. Here, it is typical to try to negotiate either a perpetual
license, which will likely be expensive, or, at least, obtain options for a certain number of extensions. An attorney for a lessee of the domain name also may try to
negotiate a right of first refusal, meaning that the lessee would have a chance to match or beat another offer for the domain name when the current lease expires.

Warranties and Indemnities

Another provision to key in on concerns warranties and indemnities. While typical domain name rental agreements require the lessee to indemnify the domain name
registrant or “landlord” against claims or damages either from illegal use or otherwise, lessees should take care to try to achieve some reciprocity here. Even though
you’ve done your due diligence, it’s still comforting to obtain written representations and documentation from the registrant that it owns the name and that it has no
knowledge of any claims or proceedings, pending or threatened, based upon use or ownership of the name.

Transfer Rights

One important but often overlooked clause in these agreements relates to transfer rights. In a rental context, most agreements
prohibit the lessee from transferring its rights to the domain name to someone else. This is essentially like prohibiting someone from
subleasing or assigning rented real estate.

But, just as in the real estate world, there are often good business reasons that require some ability to transfer in the domain name
rental context as well. One example would be to another entity that acquires the lessee’s business. Another would be in the case of
bankruptcy, where the lease of the domain name might constitute a valuable asset. So, it’s important to make sure your attorney
tries to obtain some flexibility in this clause.

Cancellation and Jurisdiction

Two other vital clauses to inspect and negotiate concern cancellation rights and jurisdiction.
A cancellation clause describes when and how your lease may be cancelled, as a result of your claimed breach of the agreement.
Here, the task is to make sure that you clearly spell out what types of claimed breaches will justify cancellation and what notification
and cure procedures will be built in to make sure your lease isn’t cancelled without your knowledge or an ability to cure or contest the
claimed breach.

Also, since any contract’s clauses are only as good as the ability to enforce them, it’s important to spell out clearly what type of a
forum will be used to settle any disputes. This can range from courts to arbitration or mediation, but, regardless, it is vital to spell
out where such disputes will be heard and what law will govern the dispute. The choice of forum and applicable law, taken together,
are the guts of the jurisdiction clause and careful attention must be paid to avoid having a contract that will be difficult to enforce if —
or when — the time comes.

Hosting Combinations

It is common for domain name landlords to offer to build hosting services into the rental agreement, often at no extra charge — but
think twice before agreeing to it. Despite negotiating fair cancellation and notice clauses, keep in mind that if your domain name
landlord also hosts your web site, it’s all too easy to shut it down in the event of a dispute. Since hosting services are increasingly
inexpensive, it’s often better to have a third party host with no stake in any possible dispute as your host, than to rely on your
domain name landlord.

Purchase Option
Lastly, decide if you would really like to have ownership of the name at some point, even if not immediately. If so, negotiate an
“option to purchase” with the vendor, something most domain name landlords will do with at least some of the names in their

In the domain name rental context, an option to purchase usually runs concurrently with the lease, meaning that it’s doubtful you’ll be
able to purchase a “naked” option, an option not running with a lease. The option agreement ideally should be negotiated and signed
during the negotiations for the lease, as this is when the domain name landlord likely will be most flexible on price.


If you don’t want to buy, or cannot, then be sure to focus on the legal points of any rental agreements you consider, as squabbles and
litigation over domain names are prevalent and, in a world where domain names are scarce, aren’t confined to fights between owners
of domain names. Now they can be between owners and renters of domain names as well.
This article was originally published on in January 2002



Domain Names

Selling Expired and Organic Domain Name Traffic

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Sell Your Traffic

This is what a lot of the big time successful domain name companies will do with useless traffic, low click through rate, or low CPM traffic domain names
that they control. If your domain names are not meeting minimal standards of at least $4 CPM and you have not been able to sell your domain name there
is still hope. This strategy is for domain name holders of large portfolios though, this is not recommended if you only have a few non-performing domain
names. You can setup a simple website that will take orders from buyers seeking traffic. This site will have to include the categories of content, language
of visitors and countries, and be able to control the amount of visitors sent to certain domain names daily. Many scripts of this nature can be purchased
from hotscripts, or This should be for experienced domain name investors that know what they are doing and what traffic is actually worth.
If your portfolio consist of domain names that are one or two words, or they are peoples names, than you might have some interesting alternatives.
The following is a great article that is from and was originally published in January 2002, and is a great article that explains the process of
renting, leasing, and contracts to use if this is something you wish to consider.

Renting a domain name from someone who’s already registered it sometimes can be an attractive (or the only) option available if you
want to use it. Doing so can be cost-effective, particularly if your need is only temporary or if you want to gain the benefits
associated with a pre-existing domain name. This article explains how renting a domain name works and what should be included a
contract for a domain name rental.
Reasons for Renting a Domain Name
Everyone knows the value of registering a domain name. Registering one allows branding of your product or service, a possible
trademark or service mark, as well as a method of making sure that everyone knows where to go on the Internet to learn more about
your company or do business with it.

But there are situations when registering a domain name may not be in your best interests or may not be necessary. Sometimes, for
example, you need a generic domain name for a short period of time, say for a temporary promotion. In that case, searching for an
available appropriate domain name may not be worth the time and trouble.

Other times, getting the name you want may not even be possible. As has often happened to aspiring domain name holders, a
particular domain name already could be taken by someone else who either doesn’t want to sell it or who wants an exorbitant amount
to do so. For example, in 1999, “” was reported to have sold for over $7 million.

Or, you may have risked being closed out of a particular name and top-level domain by restrictive procedures and lockout periods like
those used in the initial launches of the “.biz” and “.info” top-level domains.

For one or more of these situations, it is sometimes possible to rent domain names, much like renting a piece of real estate when
ownership of the property is either impossible or undesirable. And there are several places on the Internet where you can do this.
The questions, of course, are whether you should, and what protections you’ll need if you decide to do so. Let’s look at the basics.

Who Should Rent a Domain Name
Are you a suitable candidate for renting a domain name?
In many ways the marketplace for domain name rentals can be limited. And for good reason.
First, one of the main points of getting a domain name is to exercise control over the name and use it to help in branding your
business or service. In some cases, you might even be able to obtain trademark rights in it.
These advantages offered by domain names often disappear in the rental context because you don’t own the domain name and typical
rental agreements specifically prohibit any efforts by the “lessee,” — the person or company renting the name from its registrant —
to acquire trademark or other proprietary interests in the name.
As a result, any dollars spent on advertising and promotion are inevitably short-lived with no lasting effect to the domain name

Additionally, a lessee of such a domain name may not have the right to renew the lease when it expires and likely will not have the
leverage to force the owner to renew the lease or to agree in advance on what the rent for a renewal lease will be before the original
one even expires.

As a result, the best candidates for renting domain names are either ones who need it for only a temporary period of time, such as in
connection with a particular promotion or other short-term project, or those who benefit from what’s called “type in traffic,” that is,
names such as “” that are so generic that customers type it in directly rather than learning of it through advertising.
If you are a candidate for a domain name rental agreement, what should your next step be?

At the outset, do your due diligence. Go on the Internet and verify that your proposed domain name is registered to the person or
company renting it to you.

Also, do a trademark search to make sure that no one else is claiming trademark rights in the name.
After that, have your attorney do a search to try to uncover any court actions or administrative proceedings pending against the
registrant of the name.


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